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For ages, male erectile dysfunction and sexual impotence was a sacred subject that could only be discussed behind closed doors or in whispers. In fact, some men still consider these disorders to be a taboo subject that cannot be shared with others for fear of ridicule. The few who are willing to disclose their erectile dysfunction do so quietly and discreetly. Reassured by his confidentiality clause and his obligation of medical secrecy, the doctor or any medical staff can be a preferential ear.

Levitra Original 20mg without prescription

Today, the German pharmaceutical consortium Bayer offers you the opportunity to quickly treat your erectile dysfunction problems with Levitra original, an alternative to Pfizers flagship product, its historic Viagra. It is now on sale, available without prescription, in fast delivery and express delivery.

What is Levitra Original?

Developed during the last decade of the 20th century by the German company Bayer, Levitra Original fights erectile dysfunction in a decidedly singular and damned effective way. Although it was initially developed to compete with Viagra and Cialis with an unrivalled half-life, it quickly declined in popularity due to its sometimes prohibitive price and its unusual formulation that requires the patient to melt it under the tongue. Within a few years of its release, Levitra users turned to generic tablets, which were distinguished by their unbeatable price and effectiveness. This situation led the Bayer group to revise the price of Levitra, as well as the composition and formulation of its product in order to offer alternatives to the original drug. Developed in the 2000s with the same active ingredient (Vardenafil), and available for purchase in United Kingdom on your online pharmacy, the new original Levitra is much more effective while causing few side effects, and its price is falling.

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Before buying and using Levitra original, Bayer pharmacists recommend consulting a health professional. The latter should anticipate any contraindications or illnesses that could potentially react to the active ingredient Vardenafil :

  • deformation of the penis, or abnormal erection ;
  • bleeding from the phallus ;
  • ulcers;
  • stomach upset, or gastroesophageal reflux disease;
  • any heart condition/history or high blood pressure;
  • Stroke;
  • HIV;
  • kidney or liver disease;
  • sickle cell disease;
  • High cholesterol;
  • Vision problems;
  • cancer or diabetes;

How to take and how much to take Levitra?

The treatment consists of taking an original Levitra pill orally, with or without food. Note that it generally takes one hour for the product to take effect and trigger an erection, provided that you are subject to sexual stimulation. Be careful not to take double or excessive doses. If this is nevertheless the case, contact your doctor as soon as possible, he will take charge of the detoxification in the urgency to solve the problem.

Possible interactions Levitra with other drugs

It is worth remembering that Vardenafil can react with other drugs. In fact, as long as you are taking one of the treatments listed below, the use of Vardenafil is seriously discouraged:

  • nitrate agents recommended for heart problems;
  • any drug containing amyl nitrate or butyl nitrate;
  • alpha-blocking agents for high blood pressure or prostate enlargement;
  • arsenious anhydride,
  • certain antibiotics (see package insert);
  • some treatments for seizures (see package insert)
  • some drugs to treat HIV infection;
  • certain heart rhythm regulators (see package insert);
  • grapefruit juice;
  • fungicide drugs (see package insert);
  • certain remedies for depression (see package insert) and tricyclic antidepressants.

In all cases, your doctor should be briefed on any treatment you may be taking. This applies to over-the-counter medications, dietary supplements and phytotherapy, among others. Finally, it should be noted that Levitra is not intended or recommended for use by women.

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