Online services

If you would like to apply for online access we would recommend you use the NHS app. If you decide to use the Systmone app please call and speak to one of our reception team who will be able to guide you through the process.

Click here for NHS app link Access NHS app online here

Click here for Systmone link Access Systemone app online here

Baby & Child Health

Health visitors make developmental checks in children from birth to 5 years of age. Appointments are sent out as children reach the appropriate age. We would encourage children to be fully vaccinated against childhood diseases. Practice nurses run childhood immunisation clinics and the doctors perform routine baby checks.

If it is difficult for you to attend at the given time, please telephone the receptionist and an alternative arrangement may be made.

Cervical Screening

All women aged 25-64 years are invited for cervical screening in a three or five year screening cycle, depending on age. By having regular smears any changes that may occur in the cervix may be picked up early before they become cancerous. Our practice nurses carry out the smear tests, which are followed up at our Alnwick Surgery.

Chronic disease clinics


The practice nurse can see you regularly to advise on inhaler technique, self-monitoring of asthma, medication changes when necessary and general lifestyle improvements.

Cardiovascular & Stroke

We have clinics for people who have experienced heart disease or stroke where you will regularly have your blood pressure and cholesterol checked, your medication reviewed and will be advised on lifestyle changes to help you try to prevent further illness.


This clinic aims to prevent complications of diabetes by regular monitoring of diabetic control, together with lifestyle advice. A practice nurse runs the clinic. Annual eye and foot checks are provided and patients may see the dietician for dietary advice where necessary.


Untreated high blood pressure can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Any doctor or nurse can check your blood pressure and if high arrange blood and urine tests and an ECG. Practice pharmacists also run clinics aimed at drug optimization and good BP control.


We can now issue FREE condoms if under 25’s already have a C-card. For further information please follow this link

Cryotherapy & Minor surgery


Cryotherapy is a freezing technique using liquid nitrogen for treating various types of skin lesions including warts & verrucae that have not responded to topical treatments. Please contact a receptionist to organise a telephone appointment to discuss this. Treatments are provided by two of our practice nurses as well as Dr J Barker and Dr A Henry.

Minor surgery

We can remove small lumps and bumps that would not respond or are considered too big to treat with cryotherapy. Make an appointment to speak to a doctor to discuss this. Dr A Henry provides our minor surgery service.


Dermoscopy uses an instrument to assess skin lesions that could possibly be suspicious in more detail using high magnification. It helps us direct patient care to hospital dermatology consultants who are better equipped to treat potential skin cancers that should not be treated in general practice. Dr Henry and Dr Barker provide this service.

If you have a suspicious mole or skin lesion that has changed colour, size or shape, bled or started to weep or itch – Call and speak to a doctor!

DMARD monitoring service

If you are being prescribed disease-modifying drugs, usually for arthritis, from your hospital consultant we are able to carry out your regular blood tests and arrange repeat prescriptions here.

Family Planning

All doctors are able to provide general contraception advice, provide monitoring, repeat prescriptions of pills and give depot injections. Dr Helen Moor can also fit coils and implants as well as remove these.

Click here to access Alnwick Sexual Health. The site covers information on different contraceptives, C-card, STIs and where to get tested, emergency contraception and assists users in accessing contraceptive services locally. (

Health Promotion

All doctors and practice nurses can advise you on leading a healthier lifestyle and disease prevention. Healthy Living referrals can be made after discussion with a doctor for several medical conditions to allow patients to access local leisure centre activities in order to improve mental and physical wellbeing supported by Active Northumberland. These users will be reviewed by specialist staff and directed to specific health improvement classes with qualified instructors.

Click here to access Active Northumberland (

Influenza Injections

Each Autumn/Winter we run flu clinics. Anyone over 65, or suffering from a chronic disease at any age is at an increased risk from flu and should be vaccinated. Look out for the adverts when flu vaccines arrive. Click here to get further information to see if you qualify.

New patient checks

If you are registering as a new patient you can book an appointment with a Health Care Assistant for a new patient check to check your height, weight and blood pressure, ask about medical conditions and arrange any necessary blood tests. Please bring along a urine sample to your appointment.

NHS Health Checks

If you are between 40-74 years of age with no long-term health conditions such as Diabetes or Heart Disease we would like you to make an appointment to see one of our Healthcare Assistants. We will take some blood tests as well as blood pressure and look discuss your family history and risk factors to see if we can advise you on how to stay healthy. An NHS Health Check is currently offered every 5 years.

Non-NHS services

Private medical examinations

Please inform the receptionist if you require an appointment for a private medical examination. Non-NHS medical examinations, for example HGV, taxi, pre-employment and insurance medicals require more time than an ordinary consultation.

A fee will be charged as these do not come under NHS terms of service. A schedule of fees is available here or from reception. Examination fees must be paid in advance of an appointment.

Private medical forms

Private forms & reports, for example a passport application, needing a doctor to complete and sign them, will also attract a private fee.

If you wish to clarify the costs charged for private forms and medicals, please contact the surgery and ask to speak to one of our receptionists or practice secretaries, who will be pleased to help.

Smoking Cessation Service

Our doctors and practice nurses are able to advise you on how to give up smoking and discuss medical treatments to help quit.

Evidence has shown that quitting smoking is best achieved when working in conjunction with a dedicated smoking cessation advisor who will be able to ensure you follow the right approach and treatment for you and provide support and monitoring throughout your treatment plan.

Ask at reception for an appointment or you can ring Northumberland Stop Smoking Services on 01670 813135.

Travel vaccinations

We offer limited appointments for Travel Vaccinations. This is not a service funded by the NHS and as such our patients with requirements for long-term conditions will receive priority for any routine appointments for management of their health.

Patients must be registered with the surgery, and can download a Foreign Travel Questionnaire form, or collect one from reception, which must be completed and handed back in to the practice at least six weeks before departure. This gives our nurses time to assess and provide advice for your destination and also enables time for the order and delivery of any vaccines. The practice nurses offer a comprehensive travel health service, including advice, antimalarial prescriptions and immunizations. Alnwick Medical Group is a licensed yellow fever vaccination centre.

If you are travelling in less than six weeks time please ring the travel clinic in Newcastle on Claremont Road for an appointment on 03301 004272

Vaccine Knowledge Project

What is the Vaccine Knowledge Project?
The Vaccine Knowledge Project aims to be a source of independent information about vaccines and infectious diseases. We provide clear information on complex topics and back it up with references to high-quality, reliable research. All our content is aimed at the general public and designed to help people make informed decisions about vaccine issues. The content is also suitable for healthcare professionals such as health visitors, school nurses, GPs and paediatricians.

The Vaccine Knowledge Project is managed by Oxford Vaccine Group, an academic research group in the Department of Paediatrics at the University of Oxford. The site is updated regularly to make sure it is as accurate as possible, and overseen by academic staff at the cutting edge of vaccine research. All medical content is reviewed by Professor Andrew Pollard , Director of Oxford Vaccine Group.

The project is run independently by academic staff at the University of Oxford and does not receive any funding from pharmaceutical companies. The project receives funding from the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre (NIHR is funded by the Department of Health) and from the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford. However, the funders have no strategic or editorial role in the development of the website or its content. Professor Pollard is currently chair of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), an independent statutory body that advises the UK Department of Health on vaccination issues.

Since July 2016 the Vaccine Knowledge Project has been a member of the World Health Organization’s Vaccine Safety Net. This means that this website has been judged to meet the World Health Organization’s criteria for providing good quality information about vaccine safety issues.

To access the site copy and paste this link to the website in to your browser