Covid vaccination update

We will be continuing to vaccinate as many people as possible in the coming weeks at our vaccination site. At present the vaccine arrives in batches which need to be used up within a couple of days due to the short expiry date. We do not get much advance notice of the delivery. People are vaccinated in order of age. At present we have nearly worked through all the over 80s, over 75’s are invited next and subsequently over 70s followed by people who are at increased risk due to other health problems. The care home residents in Alnwick and surrounds have also received vaccinations as have their care workers. We expect delivery of the Oxford vaccine this week and this will give greater flexibility in the timing and place of providing the vaccine. We hope to be vaccinating housebound people next week. We are currently working to the guidance that the second vaccine will be provided after 12 weeks. People given the vaccine in the first batch did go away with an appointment for 3 weeks later. People will be contacted in due course but we have delayed this as we are hoping to have confirmation of when the second vaccine could be provided so we can give them that date with the same phone call.

Alnwick medical group continues to offer its usual services. At times access via the telephone is more limited as our receptionists are focusing on organising vaccine appointments. If you do have a health need please attempt to satisfy this using over-the-counter medicines or talking to a community pharmacist or accessing health via NHS 111. If you do need to have contact with the doctor or a nurse practitioner we are here. You may find using the Econsult system more convenient. We can be contacted by the telephone if required. We do have the capacity to see people face-to-face but we will always have a contact with you by telephone or Econsult to arrange this first. Services such as nurse appointments to review your diabetes care or asthma or attending for cervical smears or immunisations are continuing at our site in Alnwick. Please be patient, we know that some of your annual health checks have had to be delayed because of the problems relating to the corona virus.

Social distancing continues to be the most important thing to reduce the transmission of the virus. We recognise that lock down is difficult for many reasons. Please attempt to look after your mental health, eat healthily and take regular exercise. By reducing the transmission of the virus as much as possible you will help to reduce the impact of this virus on yourself and many other people.

Dr Graham Syers
GP Partner Alnwick Medical Group
Clinical Chair NHS Northumberland CCG