Cryotherapy is a freezing technique using liquid nitrogen for treating various types of skin lesions including warts & verrucae that have not responded to topical treatments. Please contact a receptionist to organise a telephone appointment to discuss this. The service is provided by two of our practice nurses as well as Dr J Barker and Dr A Henry.

Minor surgery

We can remove small lumps and bumps that would not respond or are considered too big to treat with cryotherapy. Make an appointment to speak to a doctor to discuss this. Dr A Henry provides our minor surgery service.


Dermoscopy uses an instrument to assess skin lesions that could possibly be suspicious in more detail using high magnification. It helps us direct patient care to hospital dermatology consultants who are better equipped to treat potential skin cancers that should not be treated in general practice. Dr Henry and Dr Barker provide this service.

If you have a suspicious mole or skin lesion that has changed colour, size or shape, bled or started to weep or itch – Call and speak to a doctor!